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Paper Bags and Broken Dreams.

2008-07-27 00:43:48 by Yazzoooo

Hello again, Newgrounds!

My "The Idiot" Pilot episode is coming along swell, All is well too as i just posted my entry into the Single Frame Collab.

Working on a WebComic too, Gots a lot of BS to be doing with. Madness Day '08 is ever aproching and theres never a better time than the present to continue work with my peice.

Not Too Shabby.

Its 05:42 here. Going light.
I finally caught up on some sleep earlier on, 45 mins. That should be enough to help me through today. Got a big day ahead of me.
And gots some flash to finish.
And gots my job to go to.

Peh, It'll get done.

See you laters.
Yazzoooo, Out.

Merry Toast Day. =3

2008-07-24 23:09:51 by Yazzoooo

Merry Toast Day Guys.

In a reply to many of your reveiws on my newest flash, I am making somthing Madness related but WAAAAAY better as we speak. I'm only gonna spending a few hours or less a day on it though. I'm getting along nicely with my "The Idiot" flash, I've used a lot of tweens though.. Thats.. not that good.

Anywhoo, Its 06:50 a.m here, I've had no sleep in the last three days, Even though ive been taking sleeping pills.. Damn Insomnia..

But Yeah..
Merry Toast Day. :3

Oh yeah.. Here a picture I put together:

Merry Toast Day. =3